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Cancel dentist appointment?

Because people cancel their
cancelling appointments
, our practice is also forced to introduce bills for the
not showing up to a scheduled appointment
. It is no more than good decency
cancel the appointment made on time
. Exceptions aside. If appointments are cancelled on time, the practice still has the opportunity to fill the gap in the schedule. As you can imagine, with a 2-hour appointment, this is very difficult. Therefore, please keep this in mind when making the appointment and especially when canceling. The practice maintains the following guideline:

Appointments shorter than 30 minutes, please cancel at least one business day in advance (with exceptions)

Appointments longer than 30 minutes, please cancel two business days in advance (with exceptions)

Please note that an appointment must be cancelled no later than Wednesday!

Failure to cancel the appointment in time may result in a bill rising to 100% of the original treatment with a minimum bill of €30.