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Extraction is a difficult word for pulling a tooth.
Within our practice, patients are typically referred to the oral surgeon for a wisdom tooth extraction. Other extractions, depending on the roots of the molar, among other things, are done by the dentist or by the oral surgeon.

The dentist and the oral surgeon proceed as follows. Once the anesthetic is working properly, a special instrument is used to wiggle the element slightly loose. If the element is already a little loose, the dentist pulls out the tooth with pliers. In doing so, he usually makes a twisting or prying motion that causes a slight pressure and some crackling to be heard. This should not scare you because this is quite normal.

It is important, that after the extraction ;

– bite down tightly on a gauze for the first half hour;
– does not spit or flush;
– Do not do heavy work or lift but take it easy; – Do not drink or smoke alcohol;
– after extraction in the upper jaw, do not blow your nose hard
– in case of post-bleeding, fold a gauze or clean handkerchief in half, place it on the wound and close it for half an hour. If this does not work still consult your dentist;
– in case of post-pain you can take a paracetamol or ibuprofen effervescent calmly but not aspirin;
– After pulling, cool the cheek with a bag of ice cubes, holding it gently against the cheek.
– Wait to eat and drink until the anesthetic wears off
– wait to drink milk products.

Before an element is pulled, you should let us know well in advance if you are taking an anticoagulant. It is always advisable to have a list with you indicating which medicines you are taking.

When you are referred to an oral surgeon, we will give you a referral letter and a bill with the phone numbers of oral surgeons in Utrecht. After the extraction, your oral surgeon will send us a brief report. The dentist and/or oral surgeon will tell you if you need to contact the dentist after the extraction. An appointment at the oral surgeon can be made only with a referral letter from the dentist, and after telephone contact and only upon presentation of your identity documents.