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Paying your Infomedics bill
Infomedics’ account number is:
NL34 ABNA 0243 2400 58

You will receive your invoice from Infomedics

You will receive your invoice from Infomedics by mail or if you prefer by post.

Reimbursement from your health insurance company

If your health insurance company reimburses a portion of your bill, it will be clearly stated on the bill. What remains you pay to Infomedics. Do you have a question about the amount of reimbursement on your account? If so, contact your health insurance company. Is there no fee on the bill? Then pay everything to Infomedics and then check if you can still submit the bill to your health insurance company.

View a sample invoice from Infomedics here >

Arrange it online!

On the Infomedics website (www.infomedics.nl) you can quickly and easily arrange many things around the payment of your bill, for example:

  • Check status of your payment
    Go to infomedics.com. You will find the account checker directly at the top of the web page. Enter the payment reference (number sequence) that appears on account and verify that your account has been paid. If not, you can pay directly via iDEAL.
  • Making payment arrangements

Infomedics maintains a payment term of 30 days. If you do not manage to pay on time, you can request a deferral of payment free of charge. You can also make payment arrangements for a fee. Online, you can also find more information about the Infomedics Payment Plan.

  • View frequently asked questions

If you have a question, you can usually find the answer under frequently asked questions. Otherwise, you can always contact Infomedics’ Servicedesk.

Do you still have a question? Then call Infomedics’ Service Desk at telephone number 036 – 20 31 900 (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

What happens to your data?

In order to process bills quickly and correctly, we share your data with Infomedics. Infomedics makes every effort to maximally secure your data, of course they comply with all applicable laws and regulations around privacy protection. Information on how Infomedics handles the protection of privacy-sensitive information can be found at www.infomedics.nl.

Payment terms and conditions Infomedics

On our behalf, Infomedics sends and collects bills for the care you received. In doing so, Infomedics of course complies with all (privacy) laws and regulations, both those that apply to us as a healthcare provider, and those that apply to Infomedics from the law.

What are the main payment terms of your account from Infomedics?

  • Infomedics may, if possible, declare your bill to your health insurance company. You will always see any reimbursement on the bill.
  • Infomedics expects you to pay the bill by the due date as stated on the bill.
  • If you have not paid the bill by the due date, you will be in default without further notice. Of course, since you may have forgotten, you will receive a reminder asking you to still pay the bill within 15 days of receiving it. Should payment fail to occur within this set date, Infomedics will charge interest and collection costs.
  • Infomedics may deduct your payment first from the collection costs, then from the interest charged and finally from the original amount of your bill.
  • Keep in mind that if you file a complaint or enroll with another health care provider, your bill will still eventually have to be paid. Your payment obligation cannot be suspended as a result.