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It is recommended by dentists to come for checkups twice a year. Thus, any gum disease and/or cavities can be detected early.

Anesthetics advice:

After anesthetics, it is possible that responsiveness may be reduced. Therefore, we recommend that you do not drive vehicles or operate appliances/machines. You should also be careful when eating due to biting the cheek/lip.

Please let us know if you are pregnant because of X-rays and anesthesia.

Medication advice:
We recommend that you pass on what medications you are taking and also report any changes prior to treatment.

Would you be so kind as to report changes regarding your insurance and/or personal data.

X-rays and pregnancy
Pregnancy of the patient need not be a contraindication for X-ray examination. The dose on the lower body and thus on the unborn child is not appreciably increased in dental recordings, at least if all equipment and recording technique recommendations are applied. If there is a dental reason to make a recording, such as a pain complaint, that recording may be made. For psychological reasons, non-urgent admissions can be postponed until after delivery and a lead apron can be used for unavoidable admissions.

The patient is free to refuse a photograph at any time. Please keep in mind that it is difficult to make an exact diagnosis for possible treatment. Therefore, you cannot later claim that the dentist has fallen short.