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Pain complaint

Do you have a pain complaint?

If you have a very severe
pain complaint

has, you can come to us urgently under conditions. In case of a very severe pain complaint outside working hours see business hours.

By a pain complaint mean that you ask us to help if you:

  • the pain is unbearable after taking painkillers
  • Has a thick cheek due to inflammation
  • suffers from persistent bleeding after an extraction

We obviously understand your pain, but you should also understand that there are usually few open spots in the schedule on the day in question. Therefore, in many cases, there will hardly be time to comprehensively treat the cause of the pain. You must understand that treating your pain complaint will come at the expense of other patients’ appointments. These obviously do not like having their time broken into. Therefore, we try to keep treatment as short and decisive as possible. This often involves only pain management. Follow-up treatment will then need to be scheduled to definitively address the cause of the pain.

Please keep in mind that we offer the best times that it is possible to come in for a pain complaint. Should you not agree to this time, it means that the pain is apparently not severe enough and an appointment will be made at a subsequent time that is convenient for us and not you !!!!