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Semi-annual checkup and tartar removal

Dental checkup?

The semi-annual checkup
, is a general check up that the dentist prefers to perform every six months. The intention is to frequently track how the situation in the mouth is developing. This involves looking at the position and condition of the elements, gums and possibly the jaws.

On indication, the dentist will ask to take digital photographs of your teeth. The so-called bitewings. These are pictures of the side view of your teeth and are necessary to analyze the situation between your teeth as well as the state of things below the gums. Both are outside the dentist’s field of vision. You can refuse these photos, however, then the dentist is also not to blame if issues are not spotted in time. Refusal is at your own risk.


Should the amount of tartar be such that urgency is necessary, you will be referred to the dental hygienist for a further appointment within the practice.

Furthermore, frequent visits to a dental hygienist are also recommended to ensure good oral health.