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Dental practice Oelp - Hoogh Boulandt

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The practice-KNMT visitation

KNMT Practice Visitation:

At this practice, good oral care is paramount. To gauge the quality of care provided, this practice underwent a visitation. This was done through the Royal Dutch Society for the Advancement of Dentistry, the professional association of dentists. TheKNMT collaborates with the NVM dental hygienists (Dutch Association of Oral Hygienists) for the visitation of oral hygienists.
During a visitation, specially trained dentists and possibly dental hygienists scrutinize the practice for this purpose. They are looking at:
– Whether the practice organizes things properly;
– Whether the practice complies with laws and regulations;
– Whether the patient receives care according to quality standards.
At the conclusion of a visitation, a practice receives a report with an evaluation and recommendations. With the report in hand, a practice can continue to work on improving the quality they offer. If you visit a practice with the visitation logo of the KNMT then you can be sure that you are at a practice where quality comes first!
The practice also receives a certificate of participation in visitation. This certificate states the date of the visitation and which dentists and/or dental hygienists participated.