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For a long time, the X-ray one of the most reliable means of examining whether there is a problem with teeth, gums or jawbone. This allows the dentist to see if there is tooth decay between the teeth, a place he cannot see with the naked eye. To better monitor certain developments, photographs are taken of people with a variety of problems. Furthermore, intraoral/solo photographs are often taken. These photos are needed, for example, for the start or analysis of a treatment. Consider an extraction (pulling a tooth). This way, the dentist can see if there are any root remnants left after the tooth was extracted. These can later cause inflammation.

Nowadays in our practice the radiographs made digitally. This has 4 major advantages:

1- The use of harmful chemicals such as developer and fixer is no longer necessary.
2- The amount of radiation can be reduced to 1/10 of the radiation previously required.
3- The X-ray is available within seconds,…. so no unnecessary wait times.
4- The photos can be viewed in multiple spectra.


Bitewings are made every 18 to 24 months during a semi-annual checkup.

Bitewings cost €17.28 each. For further information, see rates.